„Caleidocello“ features an eclectic mix of interconnected pieces by Bach, Kapustin, Glass, Henryson, o’Connor, Sollima and others. Styles vary from Baroque to Rock, Folk, Bluegrass and Jazz and as a special feature, the world’s oldest piece of music ever written! Beyond that, Peter doesn’t only play his instrument, he also has to sing at times, use the Cello as a percussion instrument or apply various plucking techniques.
„Caleidocello“ combines the subtle beauty of the classical cello with the freedom, the raw energy and expressive power of other styles and genres. The magical result is that a single Cello can sound as virtuoso and powerful as many instruments together but also tender and innocent like a simple poem.
This program is an ode to the seemingly useless, a homage to all those people who risk creating something beautiful without immediate payoff or fame and against criticism and rejection of all sorts.

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with Nikolaus Wagner, piano: 

from the Solo Program: 

with the "Danish Chamber Players", Stephane Tran Ngoc, Jakob West:

with Ensemble "Wiener Cammerstyl" (Christoph U. Meyer,  Andreas Kaufmann) on original instruments: 

Beethoven Piano Trio WoO39.mp3

Mozart Piano Trio KV 548, second movement.mp3

Pleyel Trio Sonata.mp3