February 10th 2022
Amtshaus Brigittenau

February 21st 2022
Akkordeonfestival Wien 

February 27th 2022
French Duos for Cello and Piano
with Paul Gulda
Forum am Schillerplatz Wien 

Cello on Fire UK - Tour March 22

March 14th: Royal Theatre Nottingham
March 16th: Birchvale Theatre
March 18th: Helmsley Arts Center
March 20th: The Crazy Coqs London Soho
March 25-27th: Chesire

April 8th 2022
Cello Expansion: Französischer Salon
with Paul Gulda, Piano
Ehrbarsaal Wien 

April 22nd 2022
Cello Expansion: Cello on Fire CD release concert'
Ateliertheater Wien 

May 12th 2022
French music for Cello and Piano
with Paul Gulda
Arles, France

May 14th 2022
Bolling, Kapustin, Schuhoff
with Monika Lang, Gina Schwarz, Jörg Mikula
Forum Bad Fischau 

May 25th 2022
Cello Expansion: Kostbarkeiten der Kammerrmusik
Beethoven, Bach, Schumann, Brahms
mit Thomas Riebl, Stefan Mendl
Altes Rathaus Wien

May 26th 2022
Theater am Spittelberg

June 4th 2022
Cello on Fire
Le Petit Grange

June 20th 2022
Schrammelbach, Agnes Palimisano
Salon Ehrenfellner Klosterneuburg

July2nd, 3rd 2022
Cello Expansion: Dudeln im Trudeln
Schrammelbach, Agnes Palmisano, Albin Paulus
Zillenkonzerte auf der Donau, Wien

July 8th 2022
moz-art Festival Gloggnitz

July 9th, 2022
Cello on FIre
Kultursommer Wien 

July 28th 2022
Kapustin, Schulhoff, Bolling
Halbthurner Schlosskonzerte

August 5th to 13th 2022
Cello on Fire
Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 27th 2022
Kultur beim Winzer

September 11th 2022
Cello Expansion: A Celo World Trip Ticket
Dschungel Theater Wien 

September 23rd 2022
Brahms, Schumann
with Rainer Schmidt, Sofie Herbig, Sascha Bota, Patrick Leung 
Landshut, Germany

October 5th 2022
Cello Expansion: Duell in Wien - Ensemble Cammerstyl
Altes Rathaus Wien 

November 3rd 2022
Cello Expansion: Jazz night with the Wladigeroff Brothers
Wladigeroff Brothers, Angelika Hudler
Lorely Saal Wien

November 7th 2022
Strenge Kammer Porgy Wien 

November 9th 2022
Jeunesse St Johann/Tirol


April 20th 2023
Back to the roots - Cello solo from Eastern Europe
Stiftung Mozarteum, Salzburg

June 2023
Bachfest Leipzig


February 18th 2021 CANCELLED 
Einfach nur Cello
Radio Cafe Wien 
Cross Over Cello Solo

April 9th 2021
Cello Expansion Concert
L'Apocalypse Joyeuse - Kammermusik der Wiener Moderne
String Sextets by Brahms, Zemlinsky Schoenberg
Altes Rathaus Wien 
With Clemens Flieder, Lisa Götting, Clara Schwaiger, Georg Wimmer, Christine Roider

May 20th 2021
Brigittenauer Kultursommer

May 21st 2021
Cello Expansion Concert 
Schrammelbach - Ka Rua: CD Präsentation
Theater am Spittelberg 

July 15th 2021
Cello Expansion Concert
Liebst du um Schönheit? Kammermusik der Romantik
Chamber Music by Brahms and Schubert
With Rebecca Chan, Sophia Herbig, Sascha Bota, Partick Leung, Antonia Hadulla

July 16th to 18th 2021
Schrammelklang Festival Litschau 

August 6th to 15th 2021
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Cello on Fire
Cross Over Solo Cello 

September 22nd 2021
CD Präsentation 'Cello on Fire'
Cross Over Solo Cello 
Haus des Meeres Wien 

October 3rd to 8th 2021
UK Tour
Cello on Fire 

October 24th 2021
Cello Expansion Concert
Ein Tanz mit dem Cello 
Cello Solo and Dance Performance
With Manaho Shimokawa

November 10th 2021
World Music Festival Wiener Neustadt