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On the occasion of the 200th birthday of the Arpeggione: A relocation of this "guitar cello" in the context of its Wienerlied - brothers Schrammelharmonika and Contraguitar. With Andreas Teufel and Daniel Fuchsberger

Franz Schubert back to his roots.

On the occasion of the 200th birthday of the unique invention by the Viennese instrument builder Johann Staufer, the "arpeggione" (also guitarre d'amour or cello guitar) in 1823, which combined the construction principles of the guitar with the expressive possibilities and dynamic qualities of the bowed tone of the cello, the brand new project arpeggione.200 dares a stylistic re-location of this classical instrument in the context of two other pioneering authentic Viennese instrument developments from the same time: the contra-guitar, also patented by Johann Staufer, and the accordion, patented by Cyril Demian in 1829, which in its chromatic further development as a Schrammelharmonika from the traditional Viennese Schrammel - music is still indispensable today.

Peter Hudler, Andreas Teufel and Daniel Fuchsberger have arranged the famous Arpeggione Sonata by Franz Schubert, without which the same instrument would probably have been completely forgotten, with a great deal of sensitivity and irrepressible joy in musical detail, in the unique setting for arpeggione and original "Wiener Packl" (Schrammelharmonika and contraguitar) and presented a new interpretation that ideally expresses the musical character of this great repertoire work and connects Schubert's "heavenly lengths" with their roots in the folk music traditions of the early 19th century.

2024 will mark the 200th anniversary of the creation of this much-edited Schubertian masterpiece (1824).

Schubert's sonata is framed by excerpts from other chamber music works by Schubert and his contemporaries as well as original Viennese dances.

The remarkable renaissance of the "arpeggione" among 21st century composers will also be honored with a short contribution.


Franz Schubert: Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano (1824, D 821)

Selected movements from chamber music works by Franz Schubert and his contemporaries

Original old Viennese dances

and more


Peter Hudler, Arpeggione

Andreas Teufel, Schrammel harmonica

Daniel Fuchsberger, contraguitar


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