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New Cello!

Since June 2023, Peter Hudler has been playing an old Italian master cello by Giovanni Cavani (Spilamberto around 1900), which was made available to him on a private loan. Not just any instrument, no, it is shrouded in mystery, comes from the hands of a famous cellist who chose to remain in the dark and has been considered an original Guarneri cello for many decades, and Peter claims: It sounds like one too! When it was sold, it turned out that it was an excellent copy made by the Italian violin maker Giovanni Cavani (1851 – 1936), who was famous for his cellos and worked in Spilamberto near Modena. His practice of reusing old wood from churches etc. to take advantage of the old wood for the acoustic qualities of his instruments may have contributed to the misconception that it is a Guarneri instrument. Or was it a mistaken assumption? Who knows if the last word has already been spoken here...


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